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Paige "Queen TuT" Stewart hails from Queens, New York. She has been working as a dance teacher at various public schools, dance schools and arts centers as well as all over the Tristate area instructing the youth in the movement & dance for over a decade. Her passions include a combination of spoken word poetry, physical movement and a passion for performing. She maintains a well-rounded worth ethic and encompasses a dedication that can’t be matched. Diagnosed with Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis since the age of twelve she continues to move through the oncoming challenges as well as continues to inspire and evoke passion through everything she does while passing it on to others.

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The Kingdom Dance Company is a collective of artists from all over the New York City area. This dance collective was created by Paige Queen TuT Stewart. Her credits include BET & MTV television station, Wyclef Jean, Ariana Grande, DMC, Patty Labelle and Lupe Fiasco. She has been teaching all dance techniques to all ages including emotional challenged/autistic children and mentally disabled adults while surviving the battle with her chronic illness of Lupus. She has taught dance standing, sitting, on crutches and even in a wheel chair to prove that anything is possible! This company packs a powerful performance of inspiration to enlighten the hearts and the minds. The dance styles you may recognize range from contemporary to hip hop, tap, African and step dance. This company is featured by not only dancers but poets, rappers, artists, musicians and much more. Queen TuT hopes to inspire you through art because it heals all things. We encourage everyone to know that all things are possible and we are only limited by our perception of what we believe is real. Enjoy!

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